Sunday, October 23, 2011

Football ... World Series ...{aka Lesson planning ...}

     I realized today that I have been spending a LOT of time in front of the T.V. on Sundays! I am generally not a TV watcher, but during football season especially, Sundays and Monday nights are never quiet in our home! Saturday night Mr. B went to Michigan State vs. Wisconsin Badgers and today he crossed the state and went to the Lions vs. Falcons (he sorta likes football ... I mean, nothing serious ...) With him gone all weekend I was sure that I would get WAY ahead in my planning ...
Problem: lesson planning too often turns into a football watching/blog searching event. *oops*

and so, that is why I find myself in front of the TV - satisfied since my Packers have done what they do best again - watching the WORLD SERIES - blogging - surrounded by my mountain of teacher books - waiting for the MR to come home :)

Highlight from this Week 

The kids finished their Native American pots - they turned out super cute :) 

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