Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Stuff

Football. Yet another great thing about this beautiful Autumn season:)

Currently working on this next weeks lesson plans watching ESPN with my man.
Sunday's consist of football, football, and more football in our home - this year has been a welcome change for my husband, a diehard Lions fan! The game today against the 49er's was a little rough, but we dominated in the game against the Rams (big surprise!) so I'm happy! 6-0 baby!

 Random Sunday classroom stuff:

  • Started a WOW wall in my room - the kids seem to enjoy checking it to see if their work made it onto the wall. Working on getting it updated more than once every couple of weeks!
  • We started something new this year as an incentive for kids to work on their attendance. Every two weeks, the classroom with the best attendance wins the opportunity to either have a classroom treat or play the staff in a dodge ball tournament. My class won the very first best attendance of the year and needless to say, they chose to play the staff in dodge ball - it was epic. We won, of course (wink). They were short games and the whole ordeal only lasted about 20 minutes at the end of the day; the whole school was there and cheering - there was so much energy! Sadly, my kids struggle with good sportsmanship (the PE teacher has spoken to me about this already) and so the dynamic was lessened since I had to address some of their unsportsmanlike behavior in front of the whole school. But overall it went well, I hope that it helped them understand the importance of good sportsmanship.
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