Monday, November 7, 2011

Teacher Excitements

The littlest things in life make a teacher's job AMAZING!! 

Exciting Special Moment:
Yesterday, while I was out of the room doing Bus duty, I nearly bumped into one of my boys who was making a mad dash out of the classroom.
I walked in to find this taped across the counter ...
Mrs. Bermingham Rocks!  
so sweet :)

Exciting Teaching Moment:
We have been learning about Sequencing in reading and writing (see sequence lesson)
In my partner teachers room, during Math class, she told the students that they needed to use words such as first, next, then, etc. to write a story problem. One of the students announced, "We are sequencing!" to which another student added, "Sequencing is the order in which events happen"
SO PROUD!!!!!!

These are the small moments we live for as teachers!
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