Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Recap

Here's a quick recount of Friday's Halloween party (always better to have a party on a Friday!) *grin*

Party = SUCCESS!

In the morning, we rotated through out Halloween stations between my partner teacher and I's rooms. We divide both sets of our students into 8 groups and have 4 stations going in each of our rooms.

In my room we had ...
#1 "Creepy Cafe"
Where the kids had to create a "Creepy foods" menu including lots of icky adjectives and pricing
#2 "Spoooky Bags"
 I fill lunch bags with random items and re-name them "Halloween" names:
Silly string = frog intestines
Lacy straw ribbons = "bat wings"
Shaped silly puddy piece= "lizard tongue"
Gak (my partner teacher makes it out of glue) = "snot" NOTE: this one was GROSS feeling! LOVE IT!
Broken pieces of candy corn (a little lame but it worked) = "toe nails"    *need to figure out a better one*
The kids  have to feel them, write 5 adjectives that describe what they are feeling, take a guess at what the item ACTUALLY is and then create a "potion" with the ingredients - if I could figure out this whole document attachment thing I could give you the worksheet I made for this! If your interested in any of my worksheets just shoot me an email!
I monitor this station otherwise the bags get destroyed, plus it eliminates any temptation to peek!

#3 "Sleepy Hollow"
I have this station set up in my reading corner.
We have been studying Legends for our genre in reading, so I incorporate that into this station. The kids read The Legend of Sleepy Hallow (individually) and then create a summary answering who, what, where, when, how, etc. and write it inside of a bat. They than cut it out and tap it in our "graveyard"
NOTE: This is the quietest station - LOVE IT!
#4 "Haunted House"
At this station there are just large sheets of paper with a haunted house outline - this week, in a writing center, we created haunted house advertisements for the Munsters - so in this station they create the inside floor plan of the house they were trying to sell.

After lunch, we did some fall relay activities with pumpkins
We finished the day eating our caramel apples (which was a station in my partner teachers room), drinking cider, and enjoying a movie :)
Over all, we had a WONDERFUL party!
Oh, and the costumes were great! We even got our picture in the local newspaper :) 
I was a gymnast - complete with my old leotard, high school track suit and LOTS of glitter. It was very reminiscent for me ... I MISS IT! Did acrosport/cheer all through high school and College ...

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