Monday, December 22, 2014

Project: Annual Native American Dioramas

It is project time again in our classroom! Students did an absolutely FAB job this year taking their learning and applying it to our region project - I just had to share! Students worked with their original regional group to design a diorama of their cultures environment, shelter, natural resources, and any other details they could. 
Students reread their information on their region. Loved seeing them reviewing their unit notes about their region to help them plan their diorama. 

They did an absolutely amazing job and really showcased their knowledge of each region! I really could not get over the incredible amount of DETAIL they put into them! It was so exciting listening to them share what they wanted to add based off of their knowledge. So. Cool. 
Painted sticks for "Sugar Cane" 
yes, that is a brave going through the "Sun Dance" 
Removable roof to see inside the "Kiva" 
This Eastern Woodland long house has an "open top" to see inside - love. it.! 
Love this depiction of a whale hunt! 
 Ice Fishing
 Inuksuk formation 
 Please note this adorable bundle of wood - it is even tied together with a string :p 
We were also able to get our dioramas on display at our public library in town - this was really neat because it gave the kids an authentic outside of school audience to showcase their knowledge and work. 

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